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Real Wedding at the Silver Spur Resort | Lauren and Ethan

Posted: May 8, 2019 by Silver Spur Master

Lauren and Ethan are the sweetest and most fun-loving couple, and we loved being able to host their February wedding at the Silver Spur Resort. With Ethan’s military career causing a major change in their wedding planning, they had one week to plan their big day – and our amazing wedding team was able to pull it off for them.

The Love Story That Started with a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit:

Lauren and Ethan started out as friends, but he claims it was always love at first sight. Ethan finally asked Lauren to be his girlfriend with a honey butter chicken biscuit – yeehaw, Texas! They constantly pulled pranks on each other – Lauren had Ethan convinced for months that she was related to El Chapo through her Guatemalan dad, and he proposed to her by pretending that he needed more sunscreen. Before the proposal, Ethan enlisted in the Navy and they had to endure the challenges of a long-distance military relationship, but their relationship was strong enough to make it through. After Ethan proposed on the beach in Florida, they started thinking about their dream wedding.

Planning Their Silver Spur Resort Wedding in One Week:

When Ethan’s military job threw a wrench in what Lauren thought was her dream wedding, giving them one week to plan their big day,  she was convinced that they’d have to elope. “We seriously thought we’d have to get married in my neighbor’s cow pasture!” Lauren told us. Instead, she gave the Silver Spur a call and we were able to squeeze them in at their budget and give them a beautiful wedding with a very limited time span.

The Vision for their Wedding Day:

As many brides know, finding decorations for your rustic barn wedding is no easy task. “You can buy hundreds of dollars in decor for your wedding and then find out it only covers the corner of one room,” said Lauren. “The diversity of the decor the Silver Spur offered was awesome.”

Our events team was able to provide decor and set the venue up to match Lauren and Ethan’s vision. A special thanks goes out to Lauren’s parents for their incredible help, and to Cyndi Kelley for her decorating expertise! Kourtney Boyett Photography really captured the raw emotions and sentimental memories of the day.

Their Favorite Memory of the Day:

Lauren was so glad to not have to elope at the courthouse or get married amid her neighbor’s cow patties. She told us that the most special part of the day was being able to have a wedding at a real venue with all of their closest family members there, especially with the short timeline. Ethan and Lauren were so happy to be able to share their day with the people whom they love the most.

Advice for other brides?

My advice would be not to get lost in all of the unnecessary hype that goes into weddings. The quality of your wedding shouldn’t be judged on how much money you spent on it. At the end of the day, your goal should be having that wedding certificate signed. Don’t get lost in the things that don’t last. And don’t stress, take in the things around you, this is a wonderful time.” A lot of brides would totally lose it if they had to plan their wedding in a week – we’re in awe of Lauren’s perspective and calm in the face of what was an extraordinarily stressful time. ”I made a promise to two people the day we were wed: Ethan and our Lord.” Lauren told us. “I am beyond blessed, and he is an answered prayer.”

Ready to plan your rustic barn wedding at the Silver Spur Resort? Get in touch with our team to book a tour and discuss all of our wedding options!

Photo credit: Kortney Boyett Photography


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