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5 Must-Know Tips for Planning a Rustic Barn Wedding

Posted: June 11, 2019 by Silver Spur Master

Barn weddings have become super popular over the years, but at the Silver Spur Resort, we like to think that we Texans were doing it first! A rustic barn wedding is the perfect way to have a fun, down-home country wedding. We love that you can dress it up as much as you want, or keep it super simple.  Over the years, we’ve developed these tips to make sure your event is a success.

Tip One: How Rustic Are We Talking, Here?

Sometimes, rustic is TOO rustic. There are barn weddings, and then there are barn-style venues: trust us, there’s a difference.

At the Silver Spur, we designed our barn event space to look rustic, but with modern amenities: beautiful bathrooms, air conditioning, wheelchair accessibility, fire safety equipment – all the things you want at a wedding reception. You get all the country charm of a rustic barn wedding without the accessibility, fire safety, and electrical challenges of having your wedding in an old barn that was built for horses, not events.

Tip Two: Ditch the Candles

If you’re in an old barn, or any structure without proper sprinklers and fire alarms, ditch the open flames! That means no real candles or votives – you never know when something could happen. Instead, we recommend using faux candles. You can get battery-operated candles at an inexpensive price: they won’t blow out in the wind, and most importantly, they won’t be a fire risk.

Tip Three: Be Mindful of Accessibility

If you’re at a venue like the Silver Spur, this should be covered already – our barn is wheelchair-accessible and fully lit at night. We also have golf carts for guests who have issues with mobility. Our friendly staff is always glad to provide extra assistance to guests who need it.

If you’re DIYing your barn wedding, you’ll need to remember that you want the space to be accessible for all guests. You’ll want to make sure there’s a path that guests in wheelchairs or with other disabilities will be able to traverse, and also that they’ll be able to get into the barn or ceremony space. The entire path to the bathroom or parking situation has to be well-lit for all guests – you don’t want people tripping and falling in the dark.

Tip Four: Bring the Noise – But Not After 10 PM

If you’re having a barn wedding in the country, be mindful of your local noise ordinances! You don’t want the sheriff to come and shut the party down because you’re being too loud. Look up your local town or county’s noise ordinances online, and make sure the party winds down before the time stated by them.

If you’re having a wedding at the Silver Spur Resort, we have on-site lodging for guests. If you’ve rented lodging at the resort as part of your destination wedding, buy some snacks and keep the party going at your cabin! To check out all of our lodging options, click here. We have a large ranch-style house, multiple private cabins, tiny homes (a guest favorite!), and a KOA RV campground.

Tip Five: Make the Space Your Own

So your barn is clean, fire-safe, and easy for all guests to access. Next step – the decor! The good thing about barn wedding venues is that they’re a blank slate – but that also means you might have to rent tables, chairs, linens, and more.

At the Silver Spur, you get all the benefits of a barn wedding without the stress. All the “wedding stuff” – tables, chairs, linens, etc. – is included in your price. We offer a wide inventory of decor included in your wedding package price, something our brides love. Some brides opt to do even more decorations, like a special welcome table or extra centerpiece decorations. If you’d rather lounge with your bridesmaids sipping mimosas on your wedding day than set up the decorations, as an add-on to your wedding package, you can inquire about renting out the barn the day before to get all the details in place ahead of time.

Whether you’re planning your own DIY barn wedding or are planning a destination wedding at a place like the Silver Spur Resort, keep these tips in mind to make sure your day is as wonderful as it can be! Looking to tour our venue in Canton, Texas? Click here to get in touch with us!

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