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How to Throw a BBQ That Your Friends Will Be Talking About for Months

Posted: July 23, 2019 by Silver Spur Master

If you’re anything like us, you go all out for your parties and events. We believe that if you’re going to celebrate, do it right! With the opening of our brand new Q & Brew and Smokehouse, we’ve been thinking a lot about planning the perfect barbecue, especially as we prepare many catering orders for our customers. Here are our tips for planning the BBQ of the season!

Prepare in advance.

Don’t text your friends on Friday for a big BBQ on Saturday! We suggest sending out a group text, Facebook event invite, or email invitation at least two weeks ahead of time. Not only will you have time to get everything together, but your friends will also have enough notice to make sure they’re free the day of the party. Once you know how many people are coming, start stocking up on supplies early – the last thing you want to do is be at the grocery store or party store rushing to get everything an hour before your guests arrive.

Have enough food.

What type of party is it if you run out of grub? When it comes to barbecues, it’s better to have a little bit extra than not enough. You can send guests home with leftovers, or keep them for later in the week (you’ll thank yourself when lunchtime rolls around on Monday). We usually recommend the following portions when ordering catering for a party:

  • Protein, like our smoked meats by the pound (we offer pulled pork, brisket, turkey, chicken, honey-glazed ribs, and sausage): 4-6 ounces per person, so about one pound per 3 people.
  • Sides, like our family sides (we offer kettle chips, corn on the cob, jalapeno coleslaw, fried okra, side salads, braised greens, brisket chili, truffle fries, rustic potato salad, and smoked cheddar mac): about 4 ounces per person, meaning one side for every three people.

For more precise recommendations for your event, get in touch with our catering staff.

Worried about cleanup? Hire someone to help.

If you’d rather mingle with your guests than spend the whole afternoon cleaning up plates and you’re having a bigger event, we suggest hiring a server to help out. This person can help restock the food, drinks, and plates, manage cleanup, and take care of all the little stuff so you can enjoy your event. This is an especially good idea if your barbecue is for an event like a graduation, birthday, or anniversary – enjoy your celebration and let someone else do the hard work!

Want to have your next event catered by our Q & Brew? Get in touch with us here! 

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