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Advice to Newlyweds: Three Secrets for a Lasting Marriage (and a peek at a gorgeous anniversary party at the Silver Spur Resort!)

Posted: August 8, 2019 by Silver Spur Master

The Silver Spur Resort is proud to host so many beautiful weddings – but we’re just as excited to host milestone anniversary parties, too! We just hosted a 40th-anniversary party in our barn, and it was a huge success.

The Barn at the Silver Spur Resort can host all sorts of events, not just weddings – and whether your event is a birthday, anniversary, retirement party, or corporate affair, you get access to our team’s event planning expertise. For an additional fee, we can handle event coordination and full service planning for your event. If you want to DIY it,  you can use our large inventory of decor to make the party your own.

We asked Jack and Karen, the longtime lovebirds who celebrated their 40th anniversary, to give us their secrets for a lasting marriage, and we decided to throw in some of our anniversary party planning tips, too!

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Marriage Secret: Karen wisely tells us that no marriage is perfect – because no two people are perfect, either! Your wedding day will be magical, but the hard work is in the months and years afterward. Accept that we all make mistakes, get annoyed with our spouses, and sometimes get mad over silly things. Accept that marriage is a compromise, not always a fairytale and that there will be many good moments but a few not-so-good ones, too. The secret is in how you manage the not-so-good moments! Karen says that she and Jack have learned to listen and forgive, accept and compromise.

Anniversary Party Planning Tip: Make it personal! Jack and Karen’s dinner menu included a fun little insert designed as a newspaper article, describing their relationship and how their family has grown and thrived over the years. Want to include something fun like this in your menu or decor? Ask our team and we can refer you to one of our trusted partners who can work with you to make it happen!

Marriage Secret: Create meaningful memories. Jack and Karen’s first date was at Disneyland, and they made it a point to return there often with their growing family to create new memories and honor the place where their relationship started. Pick a few spots that are important to your relationship, and continue to go back there, create new memories, and reminiscence about where you began. Whether it’s the restaurant where you had your first date or the picnic spot where you got engaged, keeping these memories fresh helps keep that same butterfly-in-your-stomach, newly-in-love spark alive.

Anniversary Party Planning Tip:  Make it your own. Our rustic barn is a perfect spot for events big and small, and you can personalize it with decor from our large party decor inventory. You can also bring all sorts of memorabilia from your relationship: photos in frames are great, as are special mementos like your wedding album. If you hire a DJ or hook up music, use songs that are special to your time together throughout the night. Stuck for good ideas? Ask our staff, who always has fun, fresh party planning ideas to help make your event more special.

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Marriage Secret: Bring everyone together, even when sometimes it gets hard. Jack and Karen have two children, each with families of their own with kids ranging from ages 1 to 18. Bringing together everyone from working parents to babies to college students can be difficult, but Jack and Karen make it a priority to include their family in their everyday lives. As the Silver Spur Resort expands, the family is getting involved in resort life. Jack works as a general partner and on the master development of the Resort. Their children are involved in the day-to-day running of the resort and its marketing, and their college-aged granddaughter helps out between semesters to gain valuable work experience. Having the family involved allows Jack and Karen to keep in close contact with their children at a time when individual schedules can limit family interactions. 

Anniversary Party Planning Tip: Celebrate!! Anniversaries are an exciting and blessed occasion – and we believe in celebrating every single one. Even if you haven’t made it to forty years yet, go on a special trip to celebrate your five or ten year anniversary (and we may be biased, but we think the Silver Spur Resort makes for a perfect getaway!). When it is a big, milestone anniversary, bring together all your loved ones and CELEBRATE! 

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“Jack and I are fortunate to celebrate a blessed 40 years of marriage. During these years we have learned the following to help us navigate married life and as we all know, no marriage is perfect. Love and Compassion, Acceptance and Compromise, Share and Help Each Other, Give More and Ask Less, Hugs and Cuddle, Faith and Trust, Listen and Forgive, and I’m sure a few more could be added. God has blessed us with children and grandchildren and may the next 40 years continue to be full of love.” – Karen

Ready to plan your milestone event at the Silver Spur Resort? Get in touch with our team to get started! 


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