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Real Wedding at the Silver Spur Resort | Maddie & Colton

Posted: February 9, 2020 by Silver Spur Master

Texas weather can be pretty unpredictable, as was the case on Maddie and Colton’s April wedding day. Due to heavy rains, and even a tornado warning, there was no choice but to move the outdoor ceremony inside our large rustic barn. However, Maddie and Colton are such a fun and easy-going couple, that a little weather couldn’t dampen the mood; it was their wedding day after all! With a barn soon to be full of family and friends ready for a day of celebration, Maddie and Colton pulled together their bridal party and Resort staff and made some quick revisions to their plans. By the time guests began to arrive, the venue was set up beautifully and everyone was ready for the big “I Do’s”!

The Best Blind Date Ever

Now, this is the stuff love stories are made of! Maddie and Colton actually met on a blind date, when his best friend and her cousin were engaged. Since he was the best man, and she was the maid of honor, it was decided they should meet before the wedding to get to know each other. Maddie and Colton were introduced with a light-hearted: “Maddie, meet your future husband, Colton!” And the rest, as they say, was history!

After a date that same night, they were inseparable. Maddie fondly recalls, “I drove every weekend from Dallas to Palestine to see him, and then when I started back in college, commuted from Nacogdoches to Palestine!” A little distance couldn’t keep these lovebirds apart!

All in the Details

It was important for Maddie that Colton was involved in the wedding planning, so they chose a theme that was exciting to them both. WHISKEY!

Every table was assigned a different type of whiskey, and each guest had a corresponding mini bottle at their seat! “The wedding decor was really unique” recalls Misty Roberts, The Barn’s event coordinator. “The farmhouse style and colors blended beautifully with their whiskey theme. It was something we hadn’t seen yet and it worked really well.”

Maddie used the farmhouse style to bring decor into their home after the wedding! She says “One of our favorite decor items, is our guest book! Instead of a traditional book, we got a printed cow canvas and people signed in the open area, this way we could display it in the entryway of our home.” We love the idea of using wedding decor in your home as a continuous reminder of your big day!

Trust your Team

Maddie told us that one of the things she loved about our wedding packages was the variety of services included in the price, making wedding day much more relaxing. She states, “All the vendors were delightful, very professional! Misty and the gang were more than accommodating throughout the year of planning!”

Picking the right team and communicating your vision well in advance of wedding day allows you to relax and savor the moment. Having a variety of professionals on our preferred vendor list means the right team can be assembled to meet your needs and budget, and knowing that each vendor has earned their spot through proven performance, allows couples to make the decision that feels best for them.

Wedding day is the time to let go and trust your team. Let your plan unfold, have fun, and soak in the moment. A well-coordinated team will work through the small issues and a venue like The Barn has the experience and staffing necessary to handle the unexpected!

Advice for Other Brides?

When you know you are going to marry your best friend, nothing can go wrong! Maddie’s advice is to just roll with it! “Stuff is going to go wrong, don’t get stressed over the small things, be in the moment and soak up as much as you can! Our wedding day we had tornado warnings, heavy rain, and we had to move everything inside, but I couldn’t be happier, I was there to marry my best friend!” We can’t think of better wedding day advice!

Can we help you find a wedding team you can trust?
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Florist: Billie Rose Floral
Cake: The Confection Connection
DJ: Omni Party Solutions
Catering: Bakers BBQ
Photography: Alicia Grote Photography

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