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Imagine Life in the Old West When You Stay in a Conestoga Wagon

Posted: March 10, 2020 by Silver Spur Master

Our recent blog post, “Wagons Ho!”, allows the imagination to run wild as we introduced the arduous travels of settlers as they headed West across the prairies in Conestoga Wagons. Did you stop and ask yourself “could I have done it”?  “Would I have had what it takes to endure days in a covered wagon with my family”?  Let’s face it, most of us have gotten a little spoiled by life’s simple luxuries.  “Who me”?  “No air conditioning or my comfy mattress and pillow”?  “No way”!

“If only there was a Glamping version of the trip maybe I would risk it”.  If only……

Well, what if The Silver Spur Resort can help you discover your inner pioneer?  Let you discover life in a Conestoga Wagon without risking discomfort as you rough it away from your king-sized bed?  We think we can help.

Inside a Conestoga Wagon
Image provided by Conestoga Wagon Co.

Glamping at the Silver Spur Resort!

Beginning May 2020, couples, or small families can spend the weekend glamping in a Conestoga Wagon.  What is Glamping?  Glamping is “Glamorous Camping”, the camping trend which allows experiencing the outdoors without leaving behind the comforts of home.

Tucked away in the back corner of the Resort, behind our second lake and nestled in the trees, is a quiet area just remote enough to let you believe you have left all behind and returned to a simpler time.  There, with night sounds to serenade you, are four Conestoga Wagons waiting for your company.  Your wagon site has a fire pit, picnic table, BBQ, a lot of space, and best of all, air conditioning and a king-sized bed.

Enter the door of your wagon and take in the sights; rustic bunk bed for the little ones, table and chairs to play games or enjoy a snack, and there in the middle is your bed with all the extra pillows you will ever need.  And to chase away the night shadows are just the right amount of lights.  A short walk brings you to a bathhouse reserved just for this area of the Resort.

 After a day of fishing, walking, or shopping at First Monday Trades Days, your day can wind down with stories and S’mores by the fire, and then tuck yourself under a thick comforter and let the dreams come.  Odds are that someone special tucked in next to you will snuggle a little closer at the first new night sounds; no extra charge for this service.

Conestoga Wagons at the Silver Spur Resort

“Rough-it” in style! The Conestoga Wagons will be an experience like no other for the family and we hope you will join us soon. Click here to book this unique glamping experience in Canton, Texas! Have questions? We have answers! Learn more about staying in a Conestoga Wagon at Canton KOA, located within the Silver Spur Resort.

stay in a covered wagon

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