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Energy Efficient Camping Cabins

Posted: June 10, 2020 by Silver Spur Master

As we near the completion of our new camping cabins we want to showcase the addition of cutting edge green technology to our designs. One of the largest energy demands here at the Resort is the heating and air conditioning of our buildings. After all, we are in Texas! Even our Conestoga Wagons are conditioned year-round for maximum guest comfort. 

Our camping cabins’ energy-efficient design starts with full-foam insulation, dual glazed Low-E window glass, and LED lighting throughout. While other cabins utilized high-efficiency heat and air units when built, we made the decision to experiment with the specifications for these cabins to help maximize our efficiency.

We turned to Scott Hunt with Practical Preppers in South Carolina to assist with our design selections. Scott specializes in off-grid energy solutions and has been a big proponent of harnessing the benefits of solar to solve air conditioning and heating requirements. While there are solar-only options available, we decided to use a solar hybrid solution to maximize guest comfort 24/7. These high-efficiency mini-split systems operate in a DC mode powered by roof-mounted solar panels during the day and automatically switch to traditional AC power at night or when sunlight is inadequate.

Solar panels on cabins at Silver Spur Resort

Scott prepared the specifications, and based on his experience in installations of this system prepared a complete order for the solar portion of the system, as well as providing the mini-split systems for the 3 cabins. Buying from a company with hands-on installation experience was a huge benefit in this circumstance. The mini-split interior and exterior components were installed by the Resort’s local AC contractor, Captain Air Heating and Cooling of Canton.

Our expectations are high for this test of the Hybrid systems and we anticipate specifying this type of unit as we move forward with additional development. 


Each 280 sq ft camping cabin includes a queen bed, bunk beds, bathroom with a shower, mini-fridge, porch chairs, fire pit, picnic table, charcoal bbq, and parking for 1 car. These cabins are perfect for those who don’t own an RV or who want a simple camping experience without sleeping in a tent. Want to stay in one of our new energy efficient camping cabins? Contact our team for rates and availability! 


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