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Real Wedding at the Silver Spur Resort | Rylie & Zach

Posted: August 11, 2020 by Silver Spur Master

I’ll Be There For You

Friends really are the greatest treasure. Zach and Rylie found that to be exceedingly true when a pair of mutual friends brought our lovely couple together on a hunch that they would make the next best happily ever after. These friends had their own special day planned and they scheduled a trip to Ft. Worth to do food tasting for their wedding. They invited Zach and Rylie to make a fun day out of it, so our couple tagged along. Rylie shares some insight on the couple’s first meet, “I swear after that day it was history. I had never in my life met someone and instantly felt a connection and felt so in love. It was 100% meant to be and something I’d always prayed for.” After that weekend Zach and Rylie kept in contact and eventually started dating. It wasn’t long before they were together just about every day.

When Firecracker Meets Cowboy

We sure do love a good old-fashioned love story of opposites attract. Zach and Rylie definitely fall into that category and Rylie tells it all! “It’s a funny match because he was so shy, and I am “firecracker” as some say, so I really had to bring him out of his shell.” And, of course, the rest is history!

Outdoor ceremony at the Silver Spur Resort

Madi Wagner Photography

Love Can’t Wait

Oftentimes couples make the decision that they don’t need to rush into engagement, and sometimes love makes other plans! Rylie shares how their conservative timeline transformed into a fast track to happily ever after. “I knew I loved this guy and wanted to marry him, but with us only being together for a short time, we didn’t want to rush things and we decided we would just go with the flow.” Zach shifted their flow when he popped the question in December, only 11 months after the two had met. “Easiest YES I’ve ever answered. We both knew we were destined to be together so why wait?” Rylie recalls fondly.

Here for the Party!

Ryie had her “Pinterest” wedding planned for years! She shares a bit of insight on just what she had in mind for her special day, ”I wanted the furthest thing from a ‘foo-foo,’ high-maintenance, big palooza wedding. I knew exactly what I wanted but I didn’t want anything over the top. I have always felt like people put way too much effort and money into weddings for just ONE day and it’s all to pretty much entertain other people.” The chill and laid-back nature of this couple blended seamlessly with their wedding plans to create the perfect environment for a night of fun and celebration without going to the extreme. 

The Barn at the Silver Spur Resort

Madi Wagner Photography

That Western Rustic Feel

The Silver Spur Resort is one of many options available to couples looking to book their special day. Rylie recalls one reason why we made the cut for their special day. “Zach and I are pretty western/rustic type people so the Silver Spur was the PERFECT location for us!” That rustic feel offered by the Silver Spur Resort gives you the versatility to make your day as extravagant or as laid-back as you see fit!

Rustic wedding at the Silver Spur Resort

Madi Wagner Photography

The Highlight of the Night

Unfortunately for most couples, the wedding day goes by in a blur. Rylie shared that the newlyweds took a private moment for themselves at the end of the night. “My favorite part of the night was when everyone left the building to get ready for our send-off, and Zach and I stayed inside to do one last dance, just us two all alone to our favorite song. Such a special moment. I cried. Tears of joy of course. I highly recommend squeezing that into your busy night. Because with everything going on unfortunately you won’t get much alone time, so that was so worth it.” 

Real Wedding at the Silver Spur Resort

Madi Wagner Photography

Vendor A-Team

Our team and our recommended vendors do everything we can to keep our couples comfortable and send their day off without a hitch. You’re part of the family here at Silver Spur Resort. Rylie speaks to our commitment to our guests, “Not only was the site perfect, but the staff was tremendous. They were there at my every beck and call from questions, to prices, to cabins for family, to any help I may have needed (Which was a lot) they were there! Thanks to them, our day went so smooth and we had a blast!” 

Here are a few of the vendors that come highly recommended by Rylie and Zach: 

Dessert table at Silver Spur Resort

Madi Wagner Photography

Don’t Stress, You Deserve Nothing but the Best

The biggest pain of planning a wedding? You guessed it! Stress! We are always looking for new ways to tell our brides to be how to not stress about their big day. Rylie says it perfectly, “Do. Not. Stress.” We think she means it, gals! Here are a few more wise words from Rylie, “I stressed myself out the whole time leading up to the wedding. Even about the smallest irrelevant things and it was so not worth it. My day went so smooth and so perfect. I honestly could not have made it any better. You finally get to your day, and if you love your man as much as I love mine, the only thing that’s on your mind is, ‘wow. I finally get to marry the man of my dreams today.’ So all day I was happy and nervous and so excited! All of those things I was worried about were just out the window. Even if something goes wrong on your big day, it’s out of your control at that point so just roll with it and pray for the best. Your day is what you make it, so make it the BEST day ever.” We couldn’t agree more, Rylie!

Looking to tour our venue in Canton, Texas? Get in touch with us here! 

If you are planning a rustic barn wedding, take a look at the gallery below! You just might find that wedding inspo you were looking for! Shared with permission by Rylie & Zach, and their photographer, Madi Wagner Photography.


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