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Real Wedding at the Silver Spur Resort | Ashley & Greg

Posted: October 6, 2020 by Silver Spur Master

If you appreciate a beautiful love story as much as we do, then this enthusiastic Q & A will make you smile from start to finish! Keep reading to learn more about how the Shynes got their happily ever after, despite being a country apart.

International Love

Like most young people just starting out in college, Greg and Ashley had no idea they would fall into each other’s lives and then end up staying there forever! Ashley gave us all the details of just what can happen when two college students from different countries find love in the same world.  

“In 2009, we both transferred to LSUS to play basketball and soccer. Canada meets America! We met through mutual friends and athletics and started off as best friends. We both were not looking to date, however, it grew to be true love.”

Going the Distance

Although Canada and America share a border, it can seem that they are worlds apart to two people in love who find themselves separated. Afterall, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Ashley gave us a little insight on just what it was like to have a national border separating her and her beau. 

“Most of our relationship was long distance. Greg traveled for the Globetrotters and I traveled back and forth to Canada. In 2015, I left to go to Canada and I was there for 10 months. We did not see each other during that time. When I returned to America, Greg knew he was going to propose eventually, he was just never one to rush. Everyone kept pressuring him since we had been together seven years, but Greg knew when he was ready. In January 2018, Greg proposed!”

Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

Well, now we HAVE to know, Ashley! Just how did that proposal happen?!

“Greg caught me off guard by proposing the day after my 29th birthday. He kept telling me that it was going to be the best birthday that I ever had. We planned a dinner with our close friends for my birthday at El Potrillo in Shreveport, our favorite restaurant (just because of the awesome margaritas). When I went to the bathroom, Greg warned everybody that he was going to do it. When I returned, I sat down, he got up and he told me to stand up. I immediately thought I was that person that had toilet paper attached to my foot, haha! That is when he got on one knee. Waterworks were in full effect, tears of joy!  It was 8 years in the making, he won my heart with a ring and a margarita!”

bride in front of barn doors
Hannah Banana Photography

The Numbers Have It!

There’s always a fun fact about any wedding, Ashley and Greg had the numbers on their side!

“Our wedding date was the only Saturday that fell on the 19th within the year of 2019, I wanted the day to fall on my favorite number, 19. That Saturday ended up being in the 10th month, and 10 is also Greg’s favorite number. (10.19.2019)”

Another fun fact… according to The Knot, October 19th was the most sought after wedding date of 2019. Knowing that popular fall dates book quickly, the Shynes wasted no time securing their meaningful date. And the rest, is history!

Location, Location, Location!

We asked Ashley and Greg just why they decided to choose Silver Spur Resort to kick off their beautiful day. Out of all the lovely places that could’ve hosted their wedding, here are a few reasons why we made the cut.  

“We wanted to accommodate everyone in our family. We had family in Shreveport, Dallas, Canada, and Scotland. The barn was the very first venue we went to look at and it was under construction at the time. It was hard to picture, but we just knew there was something special about the venue. My family drove from Canada with their 5th wheels, and half of the guests flew down from Canada, so the cabins and the KOA were so much easier for everyone. We definitely wanted an open bar, and the accommodations for people walking instead of driving to their cabins was definitely a smart idea. I wanted the dream wedding that was not too elegant but warm and fun for everyone. The outside ceremony was so meaningful, and the inside of the barn was exactly what I was looking for. Having a package with all vendors was extremely helpful. My parents even fell in love over the venue through face-time! The staff also made us feel comfortable and that was something we looked for when I first met at a venue. I compared all venues to the Barn at the Silver Spur so that is when we knew.”

real wedding at the silver spur resort
Hannah Banana Photography

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The Silver Spur team captured the hearts of the Shynes. Ashley mentioned that the staff made her and Greg feel comfortable, taking some of the stress away from the planning so that they could better enjoy their memorable union. The vendors offered also lent a helping hand. 

Ashley recalled, “One of our favorite vendors was April from The Confection Connection. We went to do a tasting and she was so fun and nice. She constantly kept in touch, and asked us what our vision was. I told her I wanted to make a special cake for Greg. She surprised us with an amazing cake! Her personality was so fun and made the process so exciting!!!”

wedding cake and grooms cake
Hannah Banana Photography

A Word of Advice

The wedding day gets a bad rap for being inherently stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be that way! The Shynes shared a bit of advice to others about their special days to come, “Our advice to couples is: do not stress. You may think you are missing something important, however, people do not pay attention to the little details. Do not spend more money than you should. The day of, be calm, and let your family and friends help you, everything goes by so quickly so enjoy every moment.” 

Greg and Ashley both agree that they wish they could go back in time to bask in their beautiful day just one more time, it was THAT amazing. The importance of being present in the moment and enjoying your day cannot be overstated! It goes by much too fast to spend the entire day stressed.

Although it may seem ages away for our engaged couples who are (maybe not so) patiently waiting to tie the knot, we hope this story brings you joy in what lies ahead for you. Ashley and Greg endured the restraints of a long-distance relationship in two different countries. Love always prevails. When your day comes, it will be as beautiful as you have always wished it to be!

real wedding at the silver spur resort
Hannah Banana Photography

The Shyne Wedding Dream Team:

Venue: The Barn at the Silver Spur Resort
Photographer: Hannah Banana Photography
Videographer: Runs by Lucas Las Casas
Cakes: The Confection Connection
Catering: Q & Brew
Florist: Billie Rose Floral
DJ: Omni Party Solutions
Makeup: Makeup by Muastef
Hair: Morgan McGill

Looking for a beautiful and affordable wedding venue in East Texas? The Barn at the Silver Spur Resort is the perfect blend of rustic elegance. We offer customizable packages designed to make your wedding dreams come true (while staying on budget). Contact us to schedule your venue tour. We can’t wait to meet you!

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