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Real Wedding at the Silver Spur Resort | Celeste & Clinton

Posted: May 14, 2021 by Silver Spur Master

With Dixie Chicken, a pint of beer, and an Ice surprise, Clinton knew he’d found the one in Celeste. They met online through mutual friends but their very first meeting solidified the deal. 

Before meeting at a crawfish boil, they decided to make it a date and have a pint at the Dixie Chicken in College Station. They laughed, talked, and got to know each other and realized that there might JUST be something there.

One memory the couple will never forget was when Celeste asked if Clinton’s name was carved anywhere in the Chicken. Clinton said no. Celeste stated that he might as well carve his name in that table because that is where they met and she didn’t want him to ever forget! So, Clinton scooted over to Celeste’s side of the table and carved his name.

Later at the boil, Celeste humorously presented Clinton with a gift-wrapped bag (filled with Smirnoff Ice) and they’ve been together ever since. Clint knew right then and there that Celeste was his kind of girl. On August 2nd, 2019 Clinton and Celeste were back at the Dixie Chicken, this time with all their friends, family, and children around to celebrate their engagement. And of course, a pitcher of beer.

Why the Silver Spur Resort?

For Clinton, it was always going to be the Silver Spur. He’d been in a wedding at the resort a few years prior and he knew that it was just the place for him and Celeste. 

They took a ride out to Canton and while they were there, Celeste called her parents to let them know that the venue had been booked. With everything being right there on the property, it really was a no-brainer for her. 

Another huge bonus was the staff. Their wedding coordinator, Lunden, made the day absolutely perfect for them. In fact, Celeste said that they still talk to this day!

That’s what happens at the Silver Spur Resort though. We make it our mission to take care of you and your family in a way that makes you a part of our family! We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Why Was Your Wedding Magical?

While having everything in one place was extremely convenient, it helped that all of those “things” were also amazing. The ceremony area was beautiful. The reception hall (a.k.a. barn) was perfect.  And the food? Absolutely delicious!

Communication between the staff and guests was also fantastic and the day and night went so smoothly. Clinton and Celeste had the best day anyone could ask for.

What Advice Would You Give to Other Newlyweds? 

Enjoy every minute of it. So much energy and stress go into making this ONE day extremely special, so remember to be present in the moment and just have fun. For Celeste and Clinton, just celebrating with their family and closest friends made their day perfect.  

Also, make sure you love your hair and makeup people. Jennifer Barron and Danielle Null made the day unforgettable for Celeste. They were personable, fun, allowed her to feel at ease, and were on time for everything. 

Last, but certainly not least, invest in a photographer who understands the world of weddings. Those special moments need to be captured because you’ll never get them back. This is one area of wedding planning that Celeste and Clinton encourage others to focus more of their time, attention, and money on.  


This is your big day and it really is all about you and making sure you and your guests feel at ease. So, come stay for the weekend to relax and get ready for your big day. Know that The Silver Spur Resort is here for you and we will do everything in our power to create the perfect wedding day for you!

The Cook Wedding Vendor Team

Venue: The Barn at the Silver Spur Resort
Photographer: Katielynn Photography
Cakes: The Confection Connection
Catering: Q & Brew
Florist: Billie Rose Floral
DJ: Dj Sherm
Hair: Danielle Null
Makeup: Jennifer Barron

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