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4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Big Family Reunion in East Texas

Posted: October 9, 2021 by Silver Spur Master

“Wow, it’s been too long. We should really get together more often!” This familiar phrase is heard at one out of every five family functions across the country.

Okay… We confess! We made up that statistic, but it’s not uncommon to hear after attending a wedding or anniversary party and reconnecting with family members after years of seeing one another.

Life gets busy, some move away due to work, or other personal obligations, and family trees start to see their branches spread out across the country. Many times, large events like weddings become the only occasion families are able to gather together.

Here at Silver Spur Resort, we want to help change that. We have designed our Resort with groups in mind, which makes planning a family reunion easy to do.

Our goal is to solve some of the biggest problems that keep big families, or families that are spread out, from hosting easy and fun reunion events.

Here are some of the biggest roadblocks keeping you from planning your next family reunion followed by our solutions that demonstrate just how easy it is to plan a fun, stress-free family reunion that everyone will enjoy!

Problem #1: What is the best location?

Finding the perfect location for your family reunion venue can be difficult. Considering drive time and popular airport cities for all family members that may be spread out around the state or even the country, you want to make sure that your venue is in a good location and easily accessible to travelers from far and wide.

Why Silver Spur?

Our resort is only a short drive from the major Texas cities. Even for family members that find themselves having to catch a flight to DFW, they’re only an hour away from our secluded resort, offering a quiet glimpse of the East Texas countryside.

Problem #2: Where is everyone going to sleep?

This is tricky, especially with big families or families that travel long distances to come to reunions. It can be pretty financially stressful for a family to tack on several nights of hotel stay on top of travel expenses.

What’s our solution?

Alleviating some of the expense of hotel stays or Air BnB rentals, Silver Spur Resort offers a 5-bedroom ranch house for families to share, with the addition of tiny houses and cabins peppered throughout our 35-acre property.

For those that prefer something a little more rustic, we also have a camping and RV park available as well as our Conestoga Wagons (and even a Treehouse!) for all of our glampers out there. This beautiful East Texas venue has all the space and lodging a big family can ask for at an affordable rate.

Durham's Roost Ranch House vacation rental
Durham’s Roost Ranch House Vacation Rental
Big Hoss cabin to rent in Canton, Texas
The Big Hoss Cabin Rental
Canton KOA RV Park & Camping
Conestoga Wagons at the Silver Spur Resort
Glamping in Conestoga Wagons

Problem #3: How are we going to feed everyone?

Feeding big families is sometimes quite the challenge and we often find ourselves reverting to the most basic of meals for simplicity’s sake. After about your 5th sandwich meal, you’ll be wishing you packed something with a little variety, and we’ve got you covered!

What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

Our Texas barbeque catering options will have everyone looking forward to family reunion meals. We make it quick, easy, affordable, and absolutely delicious for you to feed your entire group without ever having to leave our resort! Talk about a winner-winner chicken dinner!

chuckwagon night

If you do feel like cooking, the Resort is conveniently located near stores so you can stock up on groceries during your stay. Our ranch house is equipped with a full kitchen and everything you need to whip up something delicious. Cabin rentals come with fire pits and grills so you can barbeque some burgers and dogs and follow up with s’mores!

Between the Q & Brew restaurant and camp cooking options, we tried to think of everything a large group might need during their stay. If you have any questions during your planning process, give us a call. Our friendly team would love to help!

Problem #4: What can we do for fun?

It’s one thing to gather the entire family in one place, it’s another thing to find activities that everyone can do and enjoy. Sitting around and visiting with family members is wonderful and we encourage you all to take the time to reconnect, catch up, and reminisce. But, sometimes, you might be looking for something fun to do for your family reunion; something exciting that will create memories and bonds that will last for years, and we have plenty of options to keep your sweet family busy making memories.

Here are our favorite high-quality memory makers

1. Canton’s First Monday Trade Days

Need we say more?! If you haven’t heard about Canton’s Trade Days, let me clue you in on a treasured East Texas tradition, loved by families and friends alike. Canton is home to the world’s largest flea market, hosting over 5,000 vendors selling whatever your heart might desire. So, for some of the members of your family who love to shop til you drop, Canton is the place for them! Open the Thursday-Sunday before the first Monday of every month, you’re sure to find something for everyone at Canton.

If you are new to Canton Trade Days, check out our guide to First Monday Trade Days for all your questions, answered!

2. Yesterland Farms

Although seasonal and operating on select weekends throughout the year, Yesterland Farms is full of fall fun for everyone in your family. With activities ranging from BunnyPalooza Easter Extravaganza in the spring to a winter Christmas playland, you can be sure to find something for everyone in the family if you plan your family reunion on a weekend when Yesterland Farms is operating!

3. Splash Kingdom

The summer activity that everyone loves – the water park! Splash Kingdom is Canton’s very own waterpark offering rides and attractions that are sure to please family members of all ages. Offering fun activities throughout the summer, Splash Kingdom is sure to make fun summer memories for your family.

4. Other Canton Activities

If you have a few members of the family who aren’t enticed by the shopping, water parks, and fun farm activities, never fear! We have a few more tricks up our sleeves.

Canton is also home to some of the most beautiful fishing spots in East Texas. String up your pole and crack a cold one on the shore of one of our picturesque ponds.

Fishing not your thing? Canton has a healthy handful of manicured golf courses, perfect for family members who might be looking for that golfing getaway.

5. Silver Spur Activities

While the surrounding area is full of bustling fun, you don’t even have to leave our resort to have the fun family reunion you’ve been trying to plan! Silver Spur offers a wide range of activities for groups and families:

Pool at Canton KOA
Escape room at the Silver Spur Resort

Whether you’re looking to host a laid-back family event with a handful of board games and plenty of time for conversation or an eventful reunion full of fun activities that are sure to make lasting memories, Silver Spur Resort has you covered!

You’ll never regret spending time with your family and we’re here to make it a fun and easy journey, every step of the way. So, what are you waiting for? You know you’re long overdue for that fun family gathering. Start planning today! Contact us for pricing and availability.

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