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Exciting Changes Coming to the Q & Brew: An Interview with GM, Garrett Woodward

Posted: August 10, 2023 by Silver Spur Master

Exciting changes are coming to the Q & Brew and we can’t wait to share the new direction we are taking the Smokehouse & Brewery. Let’s start by introducing you to Garrett Woodward, the Q & Brew’s new General Manager…

As a self-proclaimed foodie and craft beer lover, it wasn’t long before Garrett took his passion for cooking & home brewing to the professional level.

After several years as our Brewmaster, (yup, the guy responsible for your favorite local craft beer) we are excited to add the title of General Manager to his career here at the Q & Brew.

His enthusiasm for making the Q & Brew a destination for food and beer in East Texas, coupled with his desire to focus on a quality menu that sets us apart from traditional Texas BBQ, will take your experience to new heights!

Garrett is focused on slowly bringing new concepts to the Q & Brew. We decided to interview him so our loyal community has the inside scoop on the exciting changes to look forward to!

Q: What has your role been at Silver Spur Resort and what is your new role at the Q & Brew?

Before the Q and Brew opened, I helped with the construction of Silver Spur Resort. When the restaurant opened in July 2019, I transitioned into the role of designing and running the brewery side of things. In July 2023, I took on the role of General Manager of the Q & Brew.

Q: As you step into this new role, what is your vision for the Q & Brew? What changes can the community expect?

“I want to make the Q & Brew a destination place for food and beer, and this means delivering a quality experience every time. I have already changed our cowboy stuffers, elote, and as of July 21st, the way we do our ribs.

I want to slowly change our concept a bit and turn our focus to a craft BBQ joint with some menu additions of Asian and Mexican fusion with Texas BBQ. I have a passion for food and want to focus on quality, and bringing in items that set us apart from the norm.”

Q: How will you incorporate your passion for brewing and the craft beer/bbq scene into this expanded role?

“Over the next few months, we will start some menu revisions and specials and will try and keep up with the latest trends in the BBQ scene.

I also want to start incorporating our beer into some of the food whether it be beer pairings or infusing beer in with the recipes, maybe a peach BBQ sauce made from our Millions of Peaches beer.

My goal is to one day get us into the Texas Monthly Top 50.”

Q. What makes a great dining experience and how will you deliver that?

Between the food and service, our goal will be to provide an experience that turns every customer into a repeat customer, and one that brings friends back with them to spread the word.

Q: It’s evident you love to be creative in the kitchen and experiment with different types of food. Will you be bringing any new recipes/concepts to the Q & Brew?

“I love cooking at home and using the family as guinea pigs. We will definitely be bringing new concepts and dishes in. BBQ doesn’t have to be the same traditional items all the time. We’ll be doing new spins to existing items and bringing in BBQ concepts from different regions of the world so that people can experience something new all the time whether it be a new menu item or limited-time specials.”

Q: What do you love most about the Q & Brew team?

“We are lucky to have a great team at the Q. Whether a server or cook, they all strive to make sure our guests have the best experience possible. Many have been with us from the beginning and stuck with us through our downtime with the fire.”

Q: With your new role, you’ll have more opportunities to interact with customers. How will you use the interaction to gain insight and feedback for continuous improvement?

“Table touches are important in getting to know our customers and their feedback. As we start designing our new menu concepts we will be rolling out specials to judge guest feedback on our new ideas before adding to the menu.

Also, table touches allow us to hear from you- the good, the bad, and the ugly. This will help us to know where we are succeeding or need improvement in the future, and immediately be able to make your experience with us better that night.”

Q: What message would you like to share with the loyal patrons who have supported the Q & Brew throughout our journey?

“We greatly appreciate your support over the past few years, especially for sticking with us through the fire. We wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for our great community support.

We will focus on continuing to bring you the best dining experience possible and look forward to seeing our regulars and new faces coming through the door every day.”

Garrett can be reached at or 903-567-8250 and found on Instagram at @tireddadbbq and @qandbrewcantontx.

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