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Cater Your Next Event With The Q & Brew!

Posted: October 20, 2023 by Silver Spur Master

At the Silver Spur Resort, we are all about providing experiences. And, let’s face it, folks – experiences often involve food! When you’re planning an event with family, or even a quick catch-up with friends – it almost always centers around food.

Catering is one of the services we offer our customers at the Silver Spur Resort, with the help of our Smokehouse and Brewery – The Q & Brew. Located at the Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas, we can bring the catering to you whether you are onsite with us or looking for catering options at another location!

Providing food for an event usually comes with a handful of questions and talk of logistics, so we thought we’d give you the cliff notes here to make planning your next event a breeze with the help of the team at the Q & Brew at the Silver Spur Resort!

Know Your Headcount

There are several things to consider when you’re planning catering for your next event. One of which is to know how many people you will be feeding. Understanding the headcount of your party plays a huge role in knowing what meal options are feasible and how much it will roughly cost to feed your group, as cost is evaluated by portion size per person. 

Pro Tip: We base our prices on standard portion sizes so if you have big eaters, or will want leftovers, let us know so we can adjust portions and pricing.

Events catered by The Q & Brew have a set minimum of 25 people, and we can go all the way up to 800 or 1,000 people, depending on the menu and size of the hosting facility! For your group, big or small, the Q and Brew has you covered! 

Menu Options

The next thing to keep in mind is what type of food you’d like to serve at your event. If you’re looking to cater a business meeting, you may not want to go to town on ribs and gobs of BBQ sauce (but no judgment if that’s your thing!). We offer nearly anything you could think of for catering options, from salads to fajitas to good ol’ Texas barbeque! Some of the crowd favorites are our signature fajitas and our cowboy feast. 

These menus are fit for any event and will leave everybody in your group with a full belly and a thankful heart. If there’s something specific you’ve got a hankering for, we can whip it up and serve it to your group – no problem! 

Each catering event can be adapted to the individual needs and requests of our customers. 

As such, we are happy to cater to the unique dietary needs of your group. Gluten-free? Got it! We offer a wide range of salads, potatoes, meats, and mixed veggies to accommodate a gluten-free diet while still satisfying your hungry guests. Keto-friendly? Absolutely! The Q & Brew can focus on high-protein options such as meats, cheeses, and veggies to keep you keto-ing on. 

Wherever adjustments need to be made to accommodate your group, we can make it happen – just ask!

Catering Service Fees

When factoring in the cost of catering, there will always be fees to consider. After all, it is a service that caterers are providing, and there are costs that they need to account for. The Q & Brew charges a standard 20% catering service fee for onsite events and events that are hosted within Canton city limits. 

All events located outside of this area can still be served, but we will have a delivery fee associated with your order, depending on the distance. We do have a limit on how far we can go to guarantee the quality of the food we offer. Feel free to give us a call at (903) 420-1400 x2 for a quote and more information on off-site catering options!

Your service fee includes two hours of serving time, a minimum of one attendant (more for larger parties), serving utensils, setup and cleanup of the service line, and a meal service guarantee. We understand that catering budgets can be tight, and we can accommodate this by waiving the service fee and allowing your party to serve themselves if you wish. 

Keep in mind that you would need to set up with your own equipment, including tables, warmers, and utensils, have your party serve themselves, and clean up on your own, as well as provide all of your own drinks and paper products. If this is something you’d prefer, we invite you to consider to-go catering, where you can pick up your orders for your group at the restaurant.

Catering an event is supposed to remove some of the stress of meal planning and serving, not add to it. We highly recommend sticking with the 20% service fee and taking a weight off your shoulders while still ensuring that every guest in your party is receiving a quality meal and top-notch service. 

What About Booze?

The Q & Brew is excited to announce the newest member to the catering repertoire – our Beer Trailer! With offerings of craft beer, wine, and sangria – your event will be off the hook with the perfect plate of food accompanied by the perfect adult beverage. 

Our beer trailer also has off-site setup fees and a minimum event headcount to service, so be sure to call to get more information on this amazing addition to your next event!

Extra Odds and Ends

  • If you are not renting tablecloths from The Q & Brew, be sure to bring your own if you want to add a layer of elegance or decorative flair to your event! 
  • Dessert paper products and utensils are not covered in the service fee, so if your event is coming with a big, beautiful cake, be sure to include dessert plates and forks for your guests. We are happy to accommodate your dessert needs for an additional charge if needed.
  • Our catering team does not provide boxes for you to split event leftovers, so if this is something you’d like to do, we recommend a handful of gallon Ziploc bags or other plastic containers to distribute your delicious catering leftovers accordingly. 
  • We only provide paper products for the guest count. This includes plates, cups, and napkins. In the event that your event is larger than originally anticipated, we may not have enough to accommodate the count of your event. Try to keep us updated if numbers are fluctuating as the event gets close so we can be adequately prepared and maintain the amazing experience that your event deserves!
  • Choosing catering options for your wedding can be challenging, as you will want to make sure you choose the perfect menu for your special day. We provide tastings by appointment, so you can be sure you’re getting the perfect plate of your favorite foods on your wedding day!

Everything we do at the Silver Spur Resort strives to provide you and your family with the best experience possible, whether that involves enjoying our amenities onsite for a family vacation or catering your big wedding or business event at the facility of your choice.

We are committed to providing the best service this side of the Rio Grande, and we can’t wait to cater your next event! Call us today at (903) 420-1400 x2 for more information on our amazing catering options that will be perfect for any event, big or small! 

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